Many in America look forward now to April 18, Tax Day as it’s symbolically noted in jest, for not wanting to call it what it is: the end of absolute slavery for one more year. On the question of slavery, who would understand it better than those “ferocious and remorseless men-stealers”[1] of the South before the Civil War?


“The grand question…is what shall be done to protect…from this everlasting enmity and turmoil, which tears the country to pieces, when any question arises which in any manner, it matters not how remotely, effects the question of slavery. The bonds of our Union have wonderful tenacity and can stand as they have done, many a rude shock, but can they bear the silent and insidious rust, of a progressing perverted and corrupt public opinion, such as we know has been manufactured with more than Jesuitical zeal and perseverance for a quarter of a century…? They take the child’s young mind and pre-occupy it by every species of lying and blasphemous outcry…and follow the child into man-hood with this sort of teaching…until lies and sophistry and false information…have become ingrained into the very intellect and hearts of…people. It will take as we count, just fifty years to unwind the tissue of falsehoods, elaborated in the pulpits, and school-rooms…during the last quarter of century. It will never be done, at all we think.”

Georgia Telegraph, Tuesday Morning, April 4, 1854

[1] William Lloyd Garrison, The Liberator, February 18, 1860

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