Photo by Linda Tracy
April 3, 2003

My name is Robert Tracy. I was born in Lafayette, Indiana in 1948. Joined the Marines in May, 1967. In December of that year I was in Vietnam. I served with Echo Co., 1st Reconnaissance Battalion as a Field Radio Operator. Was married in October, 1969. Was back in Vietnam in December of that year, serving with H & S Co., 1st Military Police Battalion. 

After an Honorable discharge in May, 1971, I started at Purdue University studying, off and on, for most of that decade. Lacking two semesters for graduation, I went on my own in 1979. Went back in 1990 for departmental credit (12 hours: 2 Life Drawing and 2 Painting courses. I never had to step foot in those classes.)

See my art at The Art of Robert Tracy

My wife, Linda, and I have two daughters, Gretchen and Heather. Both married Marines. We have three grandchildren, Dominic (1992) and Francesca (1995). Axel (2007)

I shoot photos once in a while, not every day. I look for simple subjects that are possibly boring, but I hope sometimes interesting. Most of my photos are taken around Lafayette, Indiana.


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