Spring 2003

Ponytail Palm
Summer 2003

After Work
Summer 2003

Reading Mark Twain
October 9, 2003


I don't want any of your statistics; I took your whole batch and lit my pipe with it.

I hate your kind of people. You are always ciphering out how much a man's health is injured, and how much his intellect is impaired, and how many pitiful dollars and cents he wastes in the course of ninety-two years' indulgence in the fatal practice of smoking....

And you never try to find out how much solid comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment a man derives from smoking in the course of a lifetime (which is worth ten times the money he would save by letting it alone), nor the appalling aggregate of happiness lost in a lifetime by your kind of people from not smoking.

-Mark Twain


Interior with Hasui
December 23, 2003

Family Secrets
July 2, 2004

Two Cherries
June 11, 2005


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