Linda on the Wabash
Summer 2003
This and the next are dark.  That's because my Canon S50 didn't see to flash.  And that's
because the Canon is new to me and so complex 
that this point-and-shoot photographer didn't know how to set the flash.
I'll get it right next time.

Robert on the Wabash
Summer 2003

Linda with Santa
Dec. 14  2002

Linda with Mud Puppy
Summer 2002
Click image for enlarged view.

Linda in the Wildcat Creek
September 21, 2003

Our Daughter, Gret (born 1969), at Age 5
In Little House Dress
Oakland, CA


CPL Tracy

FLC, Vietnam, 1970

CPL Poliszczuk

FLC, Vietnam, 1970


The Two Corporals Today

Tracy and Poliszczuk 
April, 2002

What is FLC?  See Jerry's site HERE.

Jerry Poliszczuk died in 2008

Snowman on the Deck
December 24, 2003


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